Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prom Prom Prom...

Skyline Prom 2010
Prom was really different from mormon prom. Our day activity for prom was the best though! We started of by getting into team(date), wearing matching shirts, and going on a scavenger hunt around town. At noon we met up at Freestone park and had a picnic under a tree next to the pond :) it was so cute. Then we went ice blocking and had a blast racing down the hit. When to got to prom and walked into the hanger there was a big airplane right infront of our face...that was pretty cool. The dancing was very different from mormon prom and I felt so out of place. A year ago this wouldn't have been the case but now it's so wierd. It still turned out pretty good though.

Mormon Prom 2010
Mormon prom turned out to be a lot of fun. For our day activity we went bowling and had a blast messing around. When we got to the dance they had us walk up this pretty red carpet and get our pictures taken with our dates. The Dj was really cool and let us request so many songs. Me and Brea had so much fun dancing with each other and making up our own line dances.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Senior Picture Experiments...

I had Zach meet me at the Mesa Art Center because I had heard so many people take pictures there but I myself had never been. We only stayed there for a little while before he wanted to head over to the freeway and take picture infront of the graffiti...boys. Taking a boys senior pictures was a little harder...I didn't know how to pose him. And even though there weren't very many shots that turned out, this was definately a really good experience.

Kacy Smith
This was my second time taking someones senior pictures so i'm still learning and trying to get the hang of it. I took Kacy to Downtown Gilbert because I just loved all the stuff I found when I took Allyson's pictures and I had heard about some stuff that I didn't see before. It was a lot more fun when I knew some ideas of places to go and I think the shots turned out pretty good.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Own

This week I have had a lot of free time for a change, I only work two days and I got a day and a half off school from the Aims testing. So Monday me and Sarah decided to go to the temple and take pictures. It was really windy so it was hard to get good pictures where there wasn't hair in our face or our eyes squinting. I started editing a couple of the good ones of me and went to do Sarah's and my photoshop started acting up so I couldn't get to them. I'm thinking off using this picture for my senior picture though...

Taking Senior Pictures

Spring Break was a really crazy week with working almost every day, trying to fit in hanging out with Brea and Jodi as much as possible, and doing my first real photo shoot. Wednesday afternoon was the only time that me and Allyson were free at the same time. This ment that her shoot was going to be in the middle of the day in really harsh lighting but we made the best of it. There were only a couple that turned out good so here they are!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just the new stuff...

On New Years Day Me, Jodi, and Dez went on a road trip to Payson to play in the snow. We had so much fun just wondering around the town...we played in Wal-Mart and found a little antique store. I took a bunch of pictures but this is the only one I have done anything too.
I went with Brea and her family to Young a couple wekends ago for an all girls weekend. We stayed in her aunts cabin and had so much fun just spending time together and playing games. I made Brea pose for me and I took a bunch of pictures...these are the only two I have done anything too though.

A whole bunch of random...

Jodi sings to me all the time :) anytime I ask her to she will. I love it...she even pretends like she has a mic haha.

We were sitting around thinking of something to do and then Jodi saw the of course she wanted to play with them. I felt like I was a kid again biulding a lego house for my lego person.

I was raining a lot last weekend and it even started to hail a little so me and Jodi were outside enjoying it. We saw my lemon tree and decided to pick some and make some lemonade.

We ended up picking four whole bowls full and made so much lemonade that we had to just start freezing the lemon juice for later. I love spending time with Jodi :)

My mom finished making my blanket :) it matches my room so well. This is the first time I have ever really had a color themed room. I love it! :)

These are all my vans...minus my new red suede ones :) haha

My family has been hooked on a couple of games lately. Cody and Krystal have even been coming over during the week more just to play...Collin and Chelci too. We usually end up playing Rummikub, What If?, or Old Mexico.

My picture of the games just deleted and I don't know how to get it back at the keeps adding it to the top...ahh haha oh well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sedona Photo Shoot

Last Saturday me, Sarah, Brea and Joshdecided to goon a little road trip to Seddona. We were having a blast messing around and taking pictures, until it started raining. Here are just a couple of pictures from the trip...